Jul 10, 2023

Thriving in the Spotlight

Working with your Beloved is not as simple as choosing to.

ESPECIALLY when you choose to work in the public eye.

You want to be on camera together.
Do podcasts together
Stand on stage together
Teach together.
Coach Together.

Yet time after time you’ve watched Couple after Couple crash when doing this.

No matter how long they’ve been together
No matter how emotionally mature
No matter how amazing the relationship
No matter how successful the business before they start doing it.
No matter how much money they’ve made

And you say “we’ll be different” …
Because you love each other. Because of your genius. Because you’re an expert in your field and you know what you’re doing. Everything will be FINE.

We have our business coach
We go to therapy
We have our faith.
We are doing our work

And you plow ahead full steam

Only you didn’t know what you didn’t know.
And neither did those you hired to support you.

The cost?
Hurt feelings
Vying for control or freedom
Apathy and Stress
Less intimacy

Your train gets derailed.

Sometimes the relationship falls apart
Sometimes the business does

Then the story “Oh we tried to work together but it didn’t work, it put too much strain on our relationship. it’s not for everyone”

And everyone nods sympathetically.

Yet Beloved… You desired this for a reason.
What if it *IS* possible to work together
You just don’t know HOW.

Perhaps it’s not as simple as deciding.
Perhaps it takes more than your coaching skill and expertise.
Perhaps good intentions. business acumen and monetary success isn’t enough to make it work
Perhaps the skills, knowledge, and understanding required aren’t just innately given


This level of relational expression is next level
And requires a next-level container to create it
Because in order to give to the world at this level without blowing up your intimacy, you must be
both Paired and Synced.

Enter PASS
The Paired and Synced Sessions
6 months of working privately together
Under the hood of your Relationship…
To each Other
To your shared Vision
To your Work
To the World

PASS is Preventative, Curative, Creative, and Substantive based on the unique needs of both your individual Union and your business.

?The things you will HAVE to navigate and how to prepare
?Blind spots that you’re not seeing BEFORE you crash
?Creating a container for your Union while in the public eye
?Influence, Impact, Intimacy and Polarity
?Avoiding Power Plays and Walk Aways
?Red Flags that can wound your relationship
?The “No Harm No Foul” Principle
?Mistakes to AVOID (just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it works)
?Triggers Trends and Triumphs
How working together can create the MOST potent intimacy and the highest evolution.

This is THE Offer you MUST have.
Five Figures
VERY limited spaces

Reach out to our Team to apply.

PS- those in the public eye are just ONE of the 4 Forms this Coaching/ Mentorship supports. If you’re wondering if this can work for you reach out to InfiniteLife Team for details.

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