Sep 22, 2023

From Crisis to Connection


When I was pregnant with my first child I began to research and found out that C-Section often not needed.

As in 1/2 to 2/3 of them are avoidable.
Yet time after time the interventions, the advice, and the outcomes lead to the knife.

It is why I decided to become a Doula- to support women in making empowered decisions and choices. To remove the Victim from the space of a woman’s most Visceral and Embodied experience of her Feminine Power- Birthing.

So many things are normalized simply because human culture lacks the patience, innovation, and values Alignment that would elevate the Desired Outcome.
Because the alternative is so…normal.
And from normal it is a small step to it Becoming NEEDED.

When the culture lacks what’s necessary it then can’t offer YOU the support you need for a different outcome

You have to outsource your support.
You have to invest in it
You have to allow it to disrupt what is considered normal
In favor of an Uncommonly Beautiful outcome.

Stay with Me… I’m going somewhere here.

Let’s focus on Marriage.

The hardest times in marriage are years 1-3, and every 5-9 years after that.
Because humans grow, evolve, TRANSFORM.
More radically than EVER now…

Only the Collective has no idea how to teach you to navigate that without blowing up your Marriage.

It can help you RESIGN yourself to it-
Give you management interventions similar to what you’d get at a hospital when things get challenging in labor.

And just like in birth every intervention brings you one step closer to surgical removal.

Frustrated in your marriage? Read books and start throwing exercises at your spouse. Post online and fill your psyche and soul with consensus.

Feel like your beloved is holding you back? Go harder in your business, throw around words like narcissism and codependency.

Feeling a distance? Check out, play video games all day and night. Watch porn. Have an affair.

Push for therapy
Demand it.
Use pressure
Weaponize Tears
Use stoicism as a defense

Keep pushing until it snaps.
You’re hemorrhaging and your very being feels like it’s dying- time to cut ties. And sometimes it IS necessary.

But often… there’s another way.

An environment that SUPPORTS your Union and teaches you how to navigate THROUGH. Learn the things that are intractable
And the things that are not
New tools
New mindset
New Paradigm.

Let’s place Divorce on the rare list
Instead of normalizing it.

We can help.

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