Jul 11, 2023

Unlocking Success and Harmony

I woke up thinking how much I love my family and how much of a privilege and joy it is that we all live together.

That we all share a home.
And plan to continue to do so
Or build out homes on family property.

This way of living is SO amazing.
And like everything we do it was and remains INTENTIONAL.

Because Modern Multi Generational Living is more than a notion
And requires more than good intentions.
A lot more.

Just like Legendary Love
Just like Financial Freedom and Luxury.

We didn’t choose this from any form of lack.
From any form of survival.
It is based on a REAL Fundamental Desire and also core ideas.

We chose this thinking generations ahead and how to create STRONG built in Support Structure based on Familial Ecosystems.

And it’s amazing.

Yesterday we spent hours discussing Philosophy, Politics, and Business together with our 26, 24 and 22 yo’s.
Talking, laughing, while I buzzed around the kitchen and Baba Richard opened up some core concepts.
Before one of them headed out on a date
And another heads out of town for business this week.

And I realized – This was the environment that many businesses are trying to create with their culture.

They are trying to duplicate FAMILY – which is needed because they take you away from yours.

This is why one of the first ideas we break down is the idea of “Work/Life Balance”

The term is often used incorrectly based on what people think it means based on what it SOUNDS like it means.

Instead of what it really refers to.

Work Life balance when it was originally coined referred to the balance that naturally arises when you bring Work and Life as close together as possible.

NOT based on trying to balance work and life, Where you’re constantly measuring and placing arbitrary balances in place.

Because of the current corporate system which doesn’t really permit that, and isn’t often holistic in nature -this idea has morphed into creating more and more separation which is contributing to burnout and stress.

The corporate solution has been to try to make your work environment more like home by offering amenities to make it easier for you to spend more time there – gyms, childcare, cafes, parties, etc ;

Only it doesn’t work.

The solution is Entrepreneurship
Working for YOURSELF
But that’s only part…
Making this work effectively takes key skills and frameworks.

I could go on and on.

The truth is that we know what doesn’t work
We know why
We know what does
We can teach you how.
And support you in the implementation.

That last piece is the most important
Because knowing and applying are distinct
And once you start doing it you QUICKLY realise this isn’t the fantasy that you thought.
There’s a lot under pinning this…more than :

Let’s all live together MultiGenerationally!
Let’s start a business together as a couple or a family!
Let’s be in a relationship!
Let’s build Wealth!

There’s an order
A structure.
A template you can use.

Most people assume that if it can be known…having the desire means they already know how.
Hearing someone else means they already know how.
When only LEARNING is learning.
And the halo effect is not enough.

The Successful know this
It’s how they became successful.

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