Jul 10, 2023

From Silence to Connection

Typically if you don’t talk TO someone you will tend to talk ABOUT them.

In fact often talking about them is done in lieu of having a conversation either because you fear their response or you distrust their honesty and integrity.

Sometimes the feeling of commiseration with others ABOUT that person gives you dopamine and that’s much more pleasurable than the adrenaline dump of having an uncomfortable conversation.

Fight or Flight
Freeze or Fawn

Who wants to deal with that?
I get it.

This inability and avoidance is what creates loneliness.

Without a conversation there can be no reconciliation
Without Vulnerability there can be no connection.

I’m saying this as a Leader to Leaders
I’m saying this as a Mother to Mothers
I’m saying this as a Wife to Wives
I’m saying this as a Daughter to Daughters
I’m saying this as a Woman to Women

I’m saying this to anyone in a relationship with me whether spiritual, business, familial or friendship.

Have a conversation, without accusation.
Be brave and open hearted.
You may be surprised at what comes out of it

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