A Full Year of Aligning with the Wealthiest Version of You

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A Full Year of Aligning with the Wealthiest Version of You

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Metaphysicians, Alchemists. Twin Flames, Inspirers, Oracles, Teachers, Mentors, Lovers, Authors. Educators. Parents. Transmitters. Richard and Namaste have been in ministry for a combined 70+ years. We are here to invoke, evoke and expand to you from the Divinity you are. As extreme pioneers of consciousness, we work privately with some of the most powerful people in the world, ushering into their lives individuated pathways to stellar, unimaginable fulfilment and growth.

Create the life, relationship and purpose you desire. The Power of your relationships informs on your life. The love of your self and your contract with the world informs on your relationships. Connecting the dots creates Passion, Desire and the Orgasmic Life.

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- Niki Kala

This is a solid anchoring and becoming of new possibilities. Wow!! This transmission had me sobbing- full of grief and release, relief, forgiveness and bursting, joyful heart.

- Tasha Archer

YESSSS!!! My marriage has never felt bad, but we had NO IDEA what we were missing out on before this work with Baba Richard & Sri Namaste’s genius!

- Misty Sierk

Richard & Namaste Are Ushering Us Into Total Freedom And Power. Sri Amma Namaste and Baba Richard: Even today the tears of gratitude are flowing for the love you’ve shown us and for seeing through the silly shadow games we play. If you’ve felt even the slightest desire to do this, DO NOT WAIT. It is pure MAGIC.

- Tasha Archer

Doing the DYAD was the BEST Christmas gift for our marriage! The level of communication open to us in our marriage now is incredible! It required us to step into a new world of understanding. One where the person with the responsibility knows the other’s desires and preferences— and we both know how everything should be carried out.




You are in business And ready to hire To invest so that you can serve MORE. Remember why you are doing it, in the clamor and the chaos the cacophony of voices telling you that THEIR way is best. They have the answer The secret The only way Do not lose touch with your...

SHIFT in order to Evolve

SHIFT in order to Evolve

At some point, your business will require a SHIFT in order to Evolve. Things to know when that occurs: • That shift never looks the way you think it will. • That shift will often require changes you'd prefer weren't necessary. • That shift reveals where you've not...

Women Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Women Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Social media is a simulation. And it gives you a skewed idea of reality if you let it What Success is What service is What building is What relationships are What an industry is ​ ​ Let's pop some bubbles shall we? ​ ​ Very few industries are actually new No one...

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