May 9, 2023

The Woman Entrepreneur

I have a real heart for the Woman Entrepreneur who thought Proximity was enough, only it wasn’t.

I see you.

And while Proximity to the high-level coach and her community, Culture, and spaces wasn’t enough

YOU are…

That’s not the issue Beloved.

The issue is your business has roots
And she’s showing you her leaves and flowers

While leaves and flowers smell good and give shade
For your OWN enterprise, you don’t need more gloss

You require a mentor willing to go wherever you need.
Who loves the smell of soil
And who’s not afraid to take off her Gianvito Rossi Stilettos to dig with you.
Get dirt under the manicure darling.

It can always be washed
And you’re worth it.

Your business is an ecosystem
Not some cold sterile thing.
And it requires deep nourishment
A different way

It’s ordered energy expenditure not hard work.
It’s the wisdom of knowing what to do when

It’s the pieces that aren’t shared
Because they don’t even see them
Not because they are withholding them.

My gift is the Seer.
Vision into what’s happening WITHIN
The order that’s required
Preventing wasted effort and time.

In June we begin.
Working together one on one
And a bit in group.
Only 4 spaces remain.

Are you ready?
Let’s get it


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