May 26, 2023

Disruptive Truth about Womens Biz

Listen up darlings

Most Feminine Biz Empowerment spaces will keep you broke.
By capitalizing on the Inner Rebellion Present in most women and telling women to figure out how to do it “Your Way” they keep you ignorant of the same sales strategies they have learned and mastered.

By substituting cheerleading and sorority Energetics for actual results they keep you distracted.

By selling products that are only available Live or for a couple months they keep you substituting the good feeling of OBSERVING their amazing life instead of CREATING your own.

Instead of doing what works, you’re out here with a hammerstone trying to reinvent the wheel so it can come from YOU.

Why do you do it?

Because deep down inside you’re trying to prove your worthiness
Your desire for connection and your sister wound is bleeding through the keyboard
Somewhere, at some point, someone told you it’s only worth doing if you do it completely yourself
And you’ve bought hook line and sinker into the substitution of opinion (cheap) for expertise (expensive).

The truth is… you don’t really know what business is about. You just want money and you want freedom.

I get it.

The problem is that without addressing these underlying issues your business keeps stalling out.

Only you don’t call it stalling.
You’re just changing focus.
Following your intuition.
Listening to your genius.

That may be true…

Or…just maybe… it’s not intuition, it’s not genius it’s not some new superpower- it’s good old-fashioned NIH (not invented here) writ large on the ecosystem of your business.

There’s a better way.
And by better I mean more lucrative, more potent, more beautiful, and more sustainable.
I Can’t wait to support you.


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