Apr 27, 2023

The issue with the new age and many progressive practices

I want to begin this conversation with a bit of definition. Without having a clear and agreed upon premise there is no real conversation, opening, dialectic or inquiry there is just projection.

To avoid this I will create a definition of what “I” mean when I use the term “new age” others may agree or disagree.

By “new age” I am referring to the Western practices that are off shoots of theosophy, occult and esoteric philosophies and that blend these “off shoots”. Basically at it’s core is the belief that there is a coming Nirvana/New Dimension like “new age” and that you can experience a bit of it now through your practices. Originally rooted in many esoteric and deep truths “The New Age” became “new age” in that a copy of a copy of a copy – leaves whatever you’re viewing illegible and with very little similarity to the original. That has happened here. Thats a basic over view.

There is something else that goes with it, something that isn’t written but is there. A HUGE focus on self empowerment, self expression and self referencing above ALL ELSE.

In other words a huge me, me, me.

My gifts, my talents, my abilities,
My power, my abundance, my truth
My freedom, my needs, my revelation.

The issue here is that the “new age movement” of today knows very little about the original teachings that are the roots of the platitudes, practices and philosophies that are taught.

Most students of Human Design have never even looked at the iChing that it is based on.
Most yoga practitioners know NOTHING about the real practice of yoga and are mere contortionists.
Most Reiki practitioners don’t know where it began and with whom, or how to do it correctly.
Most Crystal workers don’t really understand Crystals at all
Tarot, Channeling, Third eye activations etc…

All of it is STRIPPED of its teeth, its roots, its SOUL and POWER, and then reformed into something palatable, easy, quick and addictive.
A drug meets processed food.
Cotton Candy with a shot of crack and laced with cyanide.

It is then “sold” in a way that feeds the ego but starves the essence
Creating and furthering a DEEP Soul Hunger for something more substantial
Truly Transformational.
Something that meets man in his/her complete nature

Which is –

The body – The human flesh and blood aspect with all of its antics.
The soul – The emotive aspect and also often tied to the intellect
The spirit – the part of us that is God-breathed, our True Nature.

The “new age” and progressive practices don’t meet that because there is no correct order. In correct order the spirit rules, the soul supports and the body expresses – yet it all by definition must begin with the spirit.

In the new age – the soul rules, the body supports and the spirit comes from elsewhere – an alien, a white brotherhood, the ancestors, an angel… Instead of the true divine within (which never submits to the body or the soul but awaits an invitation to govern both) the person then invites any number of Invisibles from other dimensions, densities, realms, etc; to provide leadership.

In the most progressive new age the body rules (hence the current focus and language all about what the body says…) the soul expresses and again the spirit still comes from elsewhere or is left out of the equation entirely.

Creating a void.

This is because the body and soul together without the spirit are a hot mess. LOL.
And on some level, we know it.

Now… enter Christianity.

Many Christians have a “Jesus only” approach to life. In so having anything that claims to help, assist, develop, or support mankind or spirituality that is not EXPLICITLY stated in the bible, that does not go with church doctrine and that does not EXPLICITLY point to Jesus is deemed of Satan, the Anti Christ, and a deception.

The Church has suffered within its ranks from the zeal of this “one way only and it’s my way” since its inception. It’s clearly written and the basis of every epistle which is only a letter to specific “church” that was “Acting up”.

New Christians who are former New Agers – in their mandate to point people to Christ are often quick to throw the baby out with the bathwater – and continue to make the same mistakes they made that drew them to the new age in the first place.

To grab ahold of whatever idea is convenient and accessible and to use it as a lever to support their need to be superior, right, and also in a misguided attempt to right their “Wrongs”

It’s the Paul energetic.

Ah Paul…

Who came along after the death of Christ (never met Him while living), persecuted Christians, and then had an Encounter that left him blind … which, when the scales fell from his eyes became as much a zealot FOR Christ as he had been against Him.

Paul did a lot to extend the Teachings of Christ to the non-Jewish community and as such seemed to have earned a special place of positive regard among the Christian church. I say this because MOST Churches study the teachings of Paul with far more fervor and devotion than the Gospels – which are mostly spoken of in children Sunday School. The words of Christ relegated to being “lightweight” and the words of Paul to being “Deep”.

But I digress.

When New Christians begin to condemn that which they formerly did – they should. Only they know where their heart was. Hence the issue. Often (but not always) their heart ISN’T fully changed.

– They are still running off with a thumbnail sketch, a hashtag, and buzzword.
– They are still unlearned in the things of God.
– They are still positioning themselves based on ego (it’s amazing how many of these people claim to be prophets or in some way immediately take on a position of power)
– They are still – quick to condemn and judge – only now it whats “righteous” and “godly” instead of whats “The newest thing” or whats “conscious”
– They are still not taking responsibility only now it’s “Jesus told me” or “The Holy Spirit” instead of “The alien overlords said” or “The divine goddess of gold-tinted sunglasses”
– They are still unwilling to sit down and be still only now it’s an “Unction” and “Spirit fire” instead of whatever being was acting through them.
– They are still not studying because “Jesus is all I need” instead of “That’s all old and antiquated”

You see I’ve spent my whole life in all of these spaces and the energetics are all the SAME just called different things.

And so the “new age” remains in them… because it’s not words, nor mere actions… it’s HEART.
It’s Motive.
It’s what you are submitted to.
What is really ORDERING you.

At its core – the “new age” promotes intellect and emotion in the drivers seat. It Submits to nothing. Not to study, not to wise counsel, not to scrutiny, not to TRUTH.

Whereas Christed Consciousness (which is not limited to ANY religion) places Source as the Center and the Nucleus. The human living has humility because you simply recognize you don’t know EVERYTHING. You are patient, kind, understanding etc; because you understand that Source – Infinite Intelligence – GOD – has a Divine unfolding to the whole thing that exceeds the limitations of your current understanding. And when one has inhabited that space (being “in Christ”) and embodied it (Christ in you) – something magnificent occurs.

The Truth.
Which needs no Defense
And Makes Free.

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