Feb 22, 2023

The Quality Woman

This keeps coming up so I will tell you how we define a Quality Woman and a Quality Man according to and in alignment with Dyadic Orientation™️ Principles.

We will speak to the Quality Woman here and reserve the Quality Man for a second post.

While many who do not know or understand the unique states of Manhood and Womanhood within Dyadic Orientation may say “this could apply to anyone” the reality is this is the energetic realm that the Feminine hosts.

Distinct in Position yet Equal in Power. The Manner in which these traits express are as Vast as the Women who embody them and yet the core remains.
💋A Quality Woman is a woman whose desire is to be an asset to the Man she is with, not merely according to her own definitions of asset but also according to that which he considers to be an asset. This is her Responsiveness
💋A Quality Woman is one that can be entrusted with the Vision Goals and Seed of the Man she is with. She multiplies it and returns it back to Him. Seed becomes fruit, idea becomes reality, within her space everything thrives. This is her Fertility
💋A Quality Woman gives space for her Beloved to make mistakes, to grow, to evolve without the need to nag, control, or judge that process. This is her Acceptance
💋A Quality Woman is a soft space for her beloved. She curates her faith in Him, creates an oasis and is beauty personified. This is her Texture and her Inspiration.
💋A Quality Woman offers her High Regard and feels it is her Honor and Privilege to join her Beloved in building a Life. This is her Respect.
💋A Quality Woman is willing to use her gifts talents and abilities in the creation of the Vision. She does not see this as a hardship or a chore but as a joy because she only chooses A man that she feels joyful to journey with. This is her Service.
💋A Quality Woman knows how to use her voice – to Soothe without Mothering, to offer wisdom without lecturing or pontificating, to offer another perspective without becoming argumentative. This is her Tone
💋She is ally not adversary. This is her Loyalty.
💋A Quality Woman recognizes that she is the heart of His home and His Enterprise and that is not only her aspiration that is her avocation. This is her Wisdom.

🔥Because of all that she is and all that she offers she chooses WISELY. Engaging only with men who display a Desire to build, to create, and to appreciate her uniqueness. Men who do not see her as a dude, bro, etc; but who are at a place in Their lives to know what to do with her and who have need of her unique Capabilities. This is her Worthiness.
🔥Men who can see that they need her not to be as they are, but to add what they are not.

That’s the Quality Woman

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