Feb 22, 2023

Radical Disruption Incoming

No matter your Race Creed or Color – every experience within your Mitochondrial Bloodline is a Code of Power.

A human experience inscribed upon your Divine code to open a specific portal of potency.

It doesn’t matter what the ACTION was, it is the CODE that the action represents that is ready to be REDEEMED.

If your bloodline was enslaved you host the Code to Freedom
If your bloodline enslaved you host the Code to hold Captive
If your bloodline was Monotheistic you host the Code of Singularity
If your bloodline was Polythestic you host the Code of Multiplicity
If your bloodline was Colonized you host the Code to ShapeShift and Transform
If your bloodline Colonized you host the Code to Explore and Expand
If your bloodline was Wealthy you host the Code of Abundance
If your bloodline was Poor you host the Code of Resourcefulness

And there are more…

If you are focusing on who did what to whom, and what went wrong you are distracted away from Truth beloved.

Go deeper.

The Who doesn’t matter
What matters is THAT it occurred and that the GIFT of the experience is redeemed, activated, and ALCHEMIZED into GOLD by YOU.

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