Feb 13, 2023

The Medicine You Need VS The Wound You Choose

The road of connecting based on wounding is not NEEDED medicine, yet for many, it’s the chosen experience.

You GET to choose the Path of Pain if you like but you don’t HAVE to. (BTW we don’t condemn you for choosing pain but let’s all own our kinks okay?)

This truth altered my entire life after years in ministry and organized Tradition.

The scales fell and I’ve never been the same.

That pain is not next to godliness.
The suffering is not a needful story.

That this whole idea…is distortion.

This belief in the deification of pain is just as distorted as the cotton candy of the New Age.

Old distortions Idolize suffering and separation
New distortions Deify easy and accessible

One puts locks on every door and window
The other removes the door and walls entirely

Both are missing pieces
Two sides of the same coin

From an Archetypal Lens-
One side eschews the Warrior and the Lover
The other side eschews the Sovereign and the Magician

What we teach unhooks from both, otherwise, you’re still in service to the pendulum only you may get something cool in exchange.

This is why we say we’re not religious though we can see the truth in various religions, neither are we new age though we speak the language of both and use tools used by both…

We are not confined or dictated by either.

We’re FREE.
You can be as well.

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