Mar 2, 2023

The Paradox of Modern Manhood

Men this one is for you.

We know it is not easy for you right now.

On one hand, it is your nature to protect women and children
To keep them safe
To Provide for those under your care – not only monetarily but with needful guidance and leadership.
To want to please and pleasure your Woman – to be the reason she smiles and is satiated
To produce and perform WELL in all areas of Your Life
to WIN

Yet in modern culture, you’re told that

It’s You.
You’re the Problem.

These innate desires that you hold?
These things that are as much a part of you as breathing?

They are the source of all modern ills.
That these are actually spaces of toxicity.

That instead of protecting it’s doing harm
Instead of providing you’re controlling and diminishing
Instead of pleasing and pleasuring – you’re creating fear and heartbreak
You’re not producing and performing- you’re destroying and failing

You are soaking in a soup that tells you that all of your manhood is inauthentic, false, trauma created, and producing.
And that the only way for you to gain your seat back at the table of humanity is to become whatever it is that women want you to be.

The intimacy you want? You can’t get it – until you’re more like her.

Communicate in the way SHE has decided is emotionally intelligent – that’s REAL communication.

Be in a room in a way SHE has decided doesn’t intimidate – take up less space, quiet your voice, and speak more like a woman.

Be less – less powerful, less direct, less solution-oriented, less logical, less…


Castrate yourself
Learn to tuck
Be Smaller
Bow to her power and seek her permission…

In this way, you’ll ACTUALLY protect, provide, and all the rest.
So you feel guilt

Because you do all this and she still leaves
Breaks up with you
Takes the children
Emasculates you
Weaponizes her emotions and feelings

You still see in every media representation people who look like you are:
Cannon fodder
Villains in the story
Stupid and buffoons
Inept fathers and husbands

The only man who is a good man is the apologetic man who gives his power to a woman so she can be greater than him.

I get it.

Here’s the truth – the pain within women? the only way to help her heal
not to bow.

You ARE innately different
And we need that difference
Not just women – the WORLD.

We need you to trust yourself
To say NO to sex even if she’s offering it – because you CARE about your seed – even if you don’t care about the woman.

To have goals and vision that you desire – and require a mate that wants to support you in them.

To take up space, use your voice – in the boardroom AND the household.

To have standards and requirements – for how you’re treated, spoken to, and loved.

We need you to say No – because then your YES is meaningful.

We need you to change your inner view of yourself…
From a little boy seeking acceptance and delight from a mother who was miserable to a MAN setting the tone for his life, the captain of his fate.
The Strength of His Household.

We don’t need you to lower the high regard you hold women in
We need you to RAISE the regard you hold YOURSELF and other men in.
Because if you need to be small to make her great – she’s not so great at all.

I know you love women.
The women in your family
The woman in your life.

You think you’re helping her by seeking her permission at every turn
Keeping yourself blank and “open” – but it reads to her as apathy.
You keep the space empty for her to fill – without understanding that it creates a sort of overwhelm.

She doesn’t need you to ask her what to be
She needs you to SEEK OUT and DECIDE the MAN you want to be in this world
And she will flow around it.

We know you can do it
We’re here to support you.
Reach out to work with us.

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