Feb 22, 2023

The Initiations

In the Dyad Marriage Mastery Matters we laid the groundwork
In the Dyad Ancient Future we offered the Mysticism
In the Dyad Paradigm we gave you the first layer Structure

In Alchemic Kink we give you the Fire.

The piece you need to navigate INTO the INITIATIONS of Dyadic Orientation.

The Alchemy you require to unleash the GOLD.

Ladies – Most people teach you the power of Independence. However, if you are of Dyadic Identity™️ and Orientation that doesn’t work for you. Oh, you try it and promptly exhaust yourself. You’ve wondered if something is deeply flawed in you as you watch other women *seem* to thrive doing it alone. Or with their men as a prop somewhere in the background existing to serve.

You threw up in your mouth a little bit just reading that. In your deepest heart you know that isn’t what you want. It’s not what you need. It doesn’t light you up and it’s not sustainable no matter how fast you run. And you wonder if you’re doomed to fail in business, in purpose, and in life without it.

It’s nice to meet you. I may be the first multi-millionaire co-CEO, powerful woman you’ve met to share this secret… your journey and power aren’t to DOMME…it is to SURRENDER.

But how? To what? And how does that help you build the life of your dreams?
You’ve got questions…We’ve got answers.
Gentleman – Most people will teach you to submit to her. To follow her lead. To “just be supportive”. Have you noticed that the more you do that the worse it gets? The more anxious, frustrated and critical she becomes? Have you also noticed that when you attempt to Lead, she balks? Do you want more confidence and to navigate INTO those sublime states of Relationship Transformation? Those states that seem just out of reach? Where do you feel Potent, Respected, and like YOURSELF?
This is what Alchemic Kink is about.

Alchemic Kink is not about pain and titillation.

It’s navigating into the Depths of each of you – TOGETHER. Learning to forge a bond that is untouchable.

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