Feb 13, 2023

Welcome to the Sandbox of The Immortals

Recently someone was asking me about my thoughts on specific self-help teachings. I looked at them curiously and said

“I have no opinion on what they’re doing I’m not in that field”

Their mouth dropped open…”I thought that’s what you do?”

I started laughing….” oh no darling. That’s not what we do at all.
Just like we don’t help people in struggling marriages.”

We support, mentor, and facilitate others in their Ph.D.

Personal Human Development.

Meaning playing the game of being human
As Infinity.

Knowing the truth of who and what they are so they can Develop their character in the simulation
And then change position.

At will.

Becoming wealthy
Curating a level of Intimacy that is TERRIFYING to most…yet home for the icons we serve.
LIVING the complexity of their purpose even if not articulating it.

Yeah it’s not a self-help
It’s not healing
It’s not the pain train

We support those who are honest enough to say “enough” and leave that particular brand behind in favor of something…


The cosmic carnival of profound delight, esoteric mysteries, hidden realms, and fantastical Truth wrapped in whatever packaging you prefer.

Here we ALL rise.

We delve into these things because it pleases us.
We create because it’s pleasurable to do so.
We give because we enjoy the act
We love because it’s our nature to
We are excellence personified when the weight of the mediocre is removed.

If you’ve read this far you have found where you belong.

Welcome to the Sandbox of THE IMMORTALS: Leaders, Legends, and Legacy
Let’s build your world

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