Apr 27, 2023

Business Strategy E commerce

If you own an e-commerce store that sells clothing or jewelry here is an incredible business idea that will set you apart in your industry-

Instead of using “normal” categories in your store group items by Kibbe or Kitchener style.

Full strategy:
Create a Kibbe or Kitchener-style test that visitors can take for free. Give them the option to save their results on your website

Benefit: Email List growth, value offer

Once the visitor has their style test immediately make suggestions of items from your store that are perfect for that style

Benefit: potential sale immediately

Create an email sequence for each style option that has taken the test. In each email offer more insight into that style, celebrity examples and items from your store that will look good on them

Benefit: conversion to customer

Social media:
Share the test
Encourage customers to share what they bought etc and provide a discount

Rinse and repeat.
I’m a Luxury Buyer and this would be SUCH a boon to so many women.

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And yes it’s co-ed!

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