Feb 13, 2023

THE GENE-rator Human Design

Human Design “Generators” – No you are not the “slaves” of the Human Collective, meant for the grunt work and to just work yourself into exhaustion unless you just respond…

Because in truth all humans respond.
So that isn’t saying much.

While most people think Manifestors are Powerful, Mani-Gens are Sparkly, Projectors are Iconic and Reflectors are Enigmatic.

But the lament of the Generator is…what am I?

YOU Beloved are the Shape Shifter
The Trans Former
There is no ONE way that you are
There is no ONE way that your energy works
Your presence is the catalyst of Creation ITSELF.

You are the nature of continuance
Fertility personified
Yet while you FUEL do not allow yourself to be made into FOOD.
You are not here to be consumed
Turned into a workhorse

You’re a Gene
The beginning holding the inscribed codes of Creation
A black hole drawing all to you that none can see beyond your horizon
A Tesseract of Energy
Full of infinite power
Yet to be handled with just as much care.

You aren’t “just” a Generator
You are Genesis.

Supra. Omnia.Amate.
-Sri Namaste Moore

PS: If you know anything about our approach to Human Design you know we don’t “do” the types.

That said I am using this language because many are not able to engage with HD WITHOUT the types. It’s too complex and tedious…

So as my Master Teacher taught me “Provided it does no harm give them what they want, so they will accept from you what they need”

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