Feb 1, 2023

It is time

You are in business
And ready to hire
To invest so that you can serve

Remember why you are doing it, in the clamor and the chaos the cacophony of voices telling you that THEIR way is best.

They have the answer
The secret
The only way

Do not lose touch with your inner compass
Your true north
Which often reveals itself through the Raw
The transparency is only shared by those in Union.

Lean into each other

Learn to listen generously
And to speak with candor too.
Heart to heart
Soul to soul
A clear conduit.

And then-
Hire those who know how to serve
Whose heart is aligned with giving you their best and actions are taken to learn and exceed that best
Not just for you
But Because excellence counts
To them
For them.

If you are a Creator find those who serve YOU
Not those who desire to shave your business
Your dream
Your art

To fit into their process
Their platform
Their system

The system must serve
The process must protect
All must serve- the Vision

Hire a coach without hype
Who listens deeply
And hears the Desires of your heart
The Genius you hold
Even when you have no words

One who gives to you
Based on your Vision
Instead of absorbing you into theirs.

Seek a community of complexity
Leaders Building Legacy
Not a cheerleading squad with duly appointed uniforms, all of the same age and shape and sound.

Allow for uncertainty
The Unexpected
And realize that you have wisdom all your own
To know what is yours
And what is not

This is the fuel
This is the fuel
Your enterprise is growing
Lean into Superior Support and let it hold you.

Supra. Omnia. Amate.
If we are part of the support you seek reach out to InfiniteLife Team for the Wealthy We Mastermind

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