Jul 18, 2023

Quantum Equity

We are honored and privileged to live in a time where we have a Global Environment which means the capacity to meet and serve people from all over the world.

One of the things we have always been PROUDEST of is that our InfiniteLife Community is composed of an international community of women and men of all ages, nationalities, races, and religions.

Our current query has been “How can we serve MORE” and “How can we Lead BETTER”

The answer began to stream in before we started teaching the Dyadic Money Codes and coalesced during this teaching.

And now… we are proud to announce our new Payment Initiative:

REAL: Responsive Equity-based Affordability Level™

This payment option provides alternative payment amounts for those who reside in countries with a standard of living and income significantly below our own.
It is based on an honorable agreement between us and the client that they not only reside in the country but are not currently able to pay the higher rate (because some of our clients may reside in these countries yet are still living in Abundance and do not require REAL)

If you believe you may qualify to participate please reach out to InfiniteLife Team
This option is not available for retreats, tangible products, or one on one sessions at this time.

BTW- We are open to conversations with other business owners on how to implement something similar and WHY. Feel free to reach out to Baba Richard Moore to discuss.

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