Jul 24, 2023

Embrace Your Evolution

As you’ve stepped into the Space of understanding your Sovereignty and Potency as the Divine having a Human Experience, your former connection to Angels, Guides and beings begins to dissolve.

This creates a Soul Hunger for Expanded Connection to Consciousness and is the catalyst for many returning to the former constructs that held them deeply.

Here is your missing piece beloved. That connection dissolved because it was based on an outdated paradigm. A position within your relationship with Expanded Consciousness that you’ve outgrown.

You are Meant to EVOLVE into a new Dynamic with your Non-Physical Family.

We have Multi-Generational Wealth and Multi-Generational Living and now…

MultiDimensional Family of Support

In all of these systems, there is a cross-pollination and an intrinsic system which is interconnected and elevated. It is not done based on need but based on desiring a specific way of engaging with Life, with the process of Living, with Growth and Legacy.

In MFOS you are not lowly and needy begging, nor are you in distress and crisis – survival seeking salvation. The communion comes from the space of seeking counsel, insight, and connection.

You are a part of the same whole.

Like a family business meeting only with MultiDimensional Beings.

This requires a shift in your own self-perception and your own frequency.

The same thing that is required in order to live in a MultiGenerational Home – you must have mutual respect, appreciation, autonomy, and enough commonality of LifeStyle for it to work.

And there is an expectation and acceptance of the interdependence of this structure. We have chosen to be within each other’s lives, as opposed to building a life of disconnection with periodic visits.

In this same way, your MultiDimensional Family of Support (or Council) dwells with you and is willing to provide assistance with a mere conversation. A formal business case, credit check, and letter of recommendation is not needed.

You are not a stranger, nor a beggar.
You are Family.

You are Known and You are Supported.

For this reason do not be afraid when Avatars, Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, and others begin to Communicate for you having shifted Space and Universes now have access to those on the Frequency you Inhabit.

If this causes you consternation this message is not for you at this time.

Supra. Omnia. Amate.
~Sri Namaste Moore

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