Jul 18, 2023

Crafting Your Unique Journey

There are billions of paths in this world and you get to choose the ones you want to take that includes the non-paths.

Those attracted to our work deeply desire and require the paths that lead to Mastery of 3D not attempting to bypass it.

They want to enjoy this human game for a moment (what you call a lifetime)
They want Legendary Love
Avalanches of Orgasms
Beautiful Babies
Lavish Luxury
Generational Wealth
And High Potency Magic and Mysticism
All played with in various fields and realms

They enjoy aligning their mental frames and their physical embodiment with something… MORE.

They are not constrained by the Narrative at all.

But that may not be you
Maybe last lifetime was a doozy and you’ve decided to phone it in this time
Survival and Victimhood being a welcome bed to slumber within.
Maybe you just want to tour and you don’t plan to stay here for long anyway
Maybe you’re still in shock that you woke up and found yourself in flesh to begin with, and you go to sleep every night hoping to wake up out of the fever dream of human life.
Maybe the pipe of superiority that says you’re so elevated that none of this matters is giving a high so intoxicating you’d gladly OD on it…

Believe it or not, it’s all gravy man…
It’s all perfect.

I just want you to know what to expect when you come over here, so you can choose a different space if this isn’t your glass of champagne doll.

Let’s get it

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