Dec 29, 2022

Part of the Human Experience

Darlings… WORK is a part of your Human experience.

Yep you signed up for it.
You don’t get to escape it.
You don’t get to go around it.

You don’t get to “magically marshmallow” it away I don’t care what amazing manifesting powerhouse deep dark diva tells you different.

Take a breath.

You DO get to DEFINE it.
Determine what it will look like for you.

Make it a delight

To the point where – it doesn’t FEEL or LOOK like work as it has been understood in the world.

Work is Energy expended towards a desired result.

Energy = Power x Time

Study and apply this equation and it will change your life.

You CAN have a Soft Life
But Soft doesn’t mean doing NOTHING.

It means doing all that is yours to do
And nothing that isn’t.

And yes that applies to you too projectors. (HA!)

BTW- Energy expending is not always Efforting.

It can be Euphoric.

When you are in that zone it is the most pleasurable ride to an ecstatic destination

Over and over and over again

Let’s Get it

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