Dec 28, 2022

An Aria – On Business

Interesting thing about the online business niche especially for women.

Its become self help and Self esteem coaching disguised as business teachings.

Its so focused on the “feeling good” of the business owner that the customer, client and student is nearly an afterthought at best and a means to an end at worse.

Even when people are placing “the customer first” it is still from a place of “because this makes me a good person to do it this way” which is actually
Industry positioning.

“I want to be seen as a good person”
“I want my brand to be seen as caring”
“I need you to help me see me as valuable powerful helpful etc ;”

Its all SO convoluted.

Let’s clean it up.

The point of business is that YOU are lavishly compensated for giving OTHERS what they are seeking.

Contrary to what is often taught it doesn’t have to involve pushing on pain because everyone isn’t going to buy out of pain.

Sometimes there’s no pain
But they are SEEKING a specfic thing.
A taste
A tone
A touch

When you are desiring as a business owner an exchange from your customers that is more than money – you also want validation, celebration, love from your customers you are creating a dynamic of expectation.

You then have customers and clients who also want more than what you offered.

It’s not clean.

Interestingly, This dynamic can work fine when you stay small,keep your prices very low and are willing to remain “your friendly neighborhood super hero”

It all falls apart if your Higher Self is calling you to a world stage. A dynasty. An empire.

You can have a bit of dirt in the chains of the bike
But launching into space requires a pristine engine in the space ship

This is where we step in.

We support you in the creation of YOUR InfiniteLife.

In Love
In Wealth
In Health
In Spirit

We sell you courses, classes. and uniquely Bespoke experiences that support various facets of this. You determine the Facet.

Our teachings blend over a dozen modalities, our unique perspectives and channeled transmissions with practical processes that can be used strategically and ecologically to YOU for YOU.

This means Heaven and the Underworld dances with Earth in our Spaces.
A living breathing Paradox
In service to the complexity that is you.

Infinite means nothing is left behind.
Including all that you are.

We don’t need you to think we’re awesome
We don’t need you to fan girl all over us
We don’t need you to do anything.

We invite you to get what’s here for you.

Yes we appreciate knowing that you love us…we hold that close to our heart AND we’ve committed to loving YOU whether you love us or not.

Some of you want more
You want the Mystery
So you move closer
You sit at our feet because you feel that is your calling
You want what goes BEYOND what can be sold

The Secrets

We see you as well
And you receive according to your Desire
Not Ours.

Some of you desire to serve in some way, want to walk with us long term…or forever.
Yet that is also your devotion to you and to the path your soul has called you to.

That’s why we’re the Infinite Couple
Because what gets in your cup is determined by the size of the cup you hold
How you receive is based on the shape and clarity of your vessel

You may have noticed I changed keys 3 times in this post
Because it’s really a song with more than one note.
A song that never ends
It just changes verses

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