Jan 30, 2023

Of Luxury, Codes & Thoroughbreds

Part 2 of the Luxury Education series:

The “luxury market” has become trendy in the online business space in the last 5 years. To the point that EVERY business has a “luxury” arm…

OR shall I say luxury branding and luxury pricing.

Let’s me give you a truth in plain sight.
Luxury doesn’t mean capable for holding you.
It doesn’t mean it has the meat that your teeth requires.
It doesn’t mean the coach has the depth or breadth to TRULY meet your power.

I’m not speaking of a coach needing to overcome your rebellious nature.
Being a rebel is a position of pushing against others power, which is a byproduct of childishness and immaturity. An expression of feeling a LACK of power not the same at all as embodying your power.

This is different.
This is knowing your coach your Mentor your Teacher can MEET you. In the FULLNESS of that which you are.

In all of our years in business we’ve only had 3 people who could meet us while being fully in our power without collapsing.

In all of our years in business we’ve only had 3 people who could meet us while being in our power without collapsing.

One – Is a world renowned thought leader and mentor. She is TRULY a Wisdom Keeper and a National Treasure who has been the consultant to dignitaries and presidents. She looked at us and said “You have the relationship piece for humanity”

Another is THE High caliber coach and motivational speaker. If I told you His name it had instant recognition. Who- recognized Richard as “brother” and saw what we do and they level we do it -within seconds.

The last was the CEO of a multi 7 figure Branding agency who told us that our work was the next stage for humans. Eventually she acknowledged that her business couldn’t HOLD ours. (as an aside – She also changed her complete teachings on and mindset on Masculine and Feminine energetics based on our work and hired me to mentor her in the Feminine.)

All 3 could hold us when we came into their presence FULLY POWERFUL. None flinched at us being Master Code Holders, Thought Leaders, Luminaries. (their terms) They knew what to do with that frequency – intuitively. None expected us to be like ANYONE they had EVER worked with.

They understood the truth of us – That we are SINGULAR.

There’s an interesting thing when you’re a Master Code Holder (AKA Source Code holders), you also receive a suite of codes – almost like an extension pack – that allow you to both receive codes and transmit the codes to others more easily and efficiently.

One of the Codes we hold is The Shapeshifter. We are MASTERS of this code and fully embody it (This is why you observe us changing form so often if you blink you’ll miss it).

Recently I had a very fascinating experience with that code in particular. I am in a program where everyone receives a session with the coach. When it was my turn I entered into the conversation having asked my Higher Self what queries to ask and to explore with her… I was looking forward to see where the questions would take us and what would come out of that conversation.

The questions were radically atypical. Not at all the norm. She was a bit prickly. Seemed irritated and uncertain of what to do with those questions. I felt the energetic decline in her field and immediately the Shapeshifter clicked in and I changed FORM into what she could handle. A smaller version of myself that was more “typical”. (My typical is still atypical…lol)

Whats fascinating is this- I *did* receive something beneficial from our time together – she coalesced an idea we had been playing with for months into something beautifully succinct and actionable.


I also knew from that session that I would not work more closely with her at this time. Not because she’s not an amazing and beautiful woman and coach.
She is.

But because – while her business at this point seems to make a bit more money than ours, and is based on personal development similar to ours – that is simply…


I require someone capable of not just seeing me AS powerful – but meeting and WALKING WITH ME IN MY POWER.
Someone capable of meeting my power – not just TALKING about meeting me in my power.

I’m not willing to become smaller to be more palatable or so the person who is coaching me feels good about their coaching.
I don’t believe it’s necessary.

And –

I’m at a level where I know the difference between a high end luxury program that’s based on making a lot of money- and a program/offer that can actually support my next level and FEED ME…

You feel me?
If so, You are likely like me.

Click here for part III.

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