Jan 30, 2023

Luxury Education Part I

Luxury is quite the buzz word these days, with every business seeking a luxury identity often without understanding the nature of luxury itself.

Luxury is by definition that which is demonstratively excess, Abundance, Extravagance. That which is BEYOND what is needed.

As soon as you introduce ”need” it ceases to be Luxury.

As soon as you speak about affordability, value for the money etc it is no longer luxury

This is important because it takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to lean in beyond what is necessary.

And here allow me to speak to this trend towards attempting to redefine Luxury so that it includes everyone. Which displays a stunning misunderstanding of what Luxury is. You can not shift it because you enjoy the word Beloved. You can only express it because it resonates with who you are…how you desire to engage with this thing called life.

Luxury offerings then require that the business sell things due to the artisanal nature of that which is offered.

It exists because it does
You purchase it because of the experience
The experience IS the game.

Luxury doesn’t have one particular look.
In various cultures it ranges from the quiet and understated to the glamorous and iconic.

You can have natural luxury with $1,500 cotton sweaters and $700 linen blouses that whisper or fashionista Luxury with spangles and sequins that grab the mic and won’t let go.

It’s not the item itself.
It’s the person wearing it and the one who designed it.
You see those who sell Luxury have to HOLD it… in a sea of voices that say “Make it functional” they say “it must be exquisite”

Where marketers say “What’s the pain?”
Luxury says “what’s the singular?”

What is the thing that exists as a pure nuanced and rich expression of an idea… Before it’s stripped of all subtlety, artistry and beauty in pursuit of making it functional accessible marketable and cheap.

Luxury would never.

The Luxury Entrepreneur would rather have one client capable of that experience than to lower the experience for inclusion.

Bargain hunters need not apply
Because they will NOT see the value

And here’s where it gets sticky in the world of education and coaching…

Luxury coaches and mentors seeking to reach EVERYONE. By so doing you’re going to draw people into your programs who have no business there.

Not because they are unWorthy Mind you.
But because if they do not have a luxury mindset it is a VALUES mismatch.
Yes they love to look at you
They may desire what you have
But Envy and Purchases make poor bedfellows
And because they don’t host the same frequency they believe that what they are buying is YOU.

This is why in our company we have levels
The highest level being one you can’t find on paper
And our concierges will not offer to you
You are invited to
After working with us in the other levels
Because of how you show up energetically.

Exclusive? Absolutely.

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