Jan 30, 2023

Of Luxury, Code & Thoroughbreds Part II

Part 3 of the Luxury Education Series

A few years ago I facilitated an in person retreat. During that retreat one of the things we spoke about quite deeply was the distinction between a thoroughbred and a pony.

Thoroughbreds eat differently, they have different energy requirements.
They’re BUILT differently.

In that session of the retreat what came forward was that MANY women are thoroughbreds pretending to be ponies.
Because thoroughbreds intimidate the meek.
All of that muscle, speed and heat wrapped in a gorgeous package of intense beauty is best enjoyed from a distance – spectating- for MOST people.

Even for most horse trainers.

And so – not be lonely.
To fit in
And feel touchable…
Many beautiful people are turning themselves into harmless ponies in a field instead of being the Thoroughbreds they are.
During the retreat the women said “FINALLY – I’m in a room full of other thoroughbreds… with a Mentor who HOSTS and HOLDS Thoroughbreds – and I can be ME!”

Yes – exactly.

Yet there’s more.

Just because a coach had coached thoroughbreds doesn’t mean they can coach YOUR LEVEL.

When it comes to Thoroughbreds – there are STILL levels based on the stage you’re at in RACING.

From the maidens – just getting started, untested untried yet full of potential. To the graded stakes races – where it’s the best of the best.

THIS is a level of ultra exclusivity.
And trainers who train at this level aren’t trying to train all horses.

THIS is the important part if you’re at the stage of Mastery in your field. If you’ve been doing what you do for decades.

Being in a room or group full of “high level coaches” isn’t enough, especially when deep down inside you know that the realms you play in are far deeper than the waters others are swimming in.

When you’ve been doing what you do longer than many in that space have been alive. When you know that the meat you eat would choke others.
BTW- Knowing that isn’t hubris beloved
It’s radical honesty.

You’re not getting enough of a workout in that pool.
You aren’t satisfied with milk no matter if it’s coming from a bottle or a teat.
That’s simply not the fuel you require.

THIS is also the important part if you’re a coach who WORKS with our DESIRES to work with those at a level Mastery. If you’re dumbing yourself down, playing small, attempting to conform to whatever social justice narrative is currently presenting itself – you will REPELL the very clients you desire to work with and for whom you have POWERFUL activations and gifts to offer.

Recently there’s been a LOT of drama around female coaches and accusations about not receiving value have been flying around. If you’ve observed this or been accused in this – it can cause you to begin to focus on “I must give value” so much that you stop being and offering what gives value at the highest level – ENERGETIC PRESENCE.

You can become so used to being with ponies you speak the language and energy of “pony” so the thoroughbreds aren’t even looking at you anymore. OR if they do – you don’t recognize THEM because in your trying to keep the ponies happy, you’ve removed your access to the nourishment the Thoroughbreds require.

Deep calls unto Deep.
I see you.

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