Feb 1, 2023

Women Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Social media is a simulation.
And it gives you a skewed idea of reality if you let it
What Success is
What service is
What building is
What relationships are
What an industry is

Let’s pop some bubbles shall we?

Very few industries are actually new
No one person is in any industry
Your favorite Facebook personality isn’t known by most of the general public
And no one person dictates, impacts, or determines what any industry should look like.
No one person is the standard.
There are millions of strategies and all of them work

It’s a bit of an oddity to me seeing anyone in any industry under 20 years centering themselves as if it didn’t exist before them.

I realized it’s a colonizer code (one of the primary human codes currently) where you enter in and want to make it look like you not because you’re evil but because all you really see
Is you.

It seems to be a uniquely Feminine trait.
Especially young women.


While I love and adore Facebook groups they give many in business especially women in Business a skewed framework.

It will rub out all of your uniqueness into an amalgamation of the people you admire.

I’ve been in hundreds of groups
Paid millions in programs offers and systems
And watched the evolving fractal of entrepreneurship for over 3 decades…

Here is what I have for you:

You are not an audience
You aren’t here to watch someone else’s show
Be their cheerleader or the head of their fan club
Or join their world and pay for the privilege

Nor is anyone here to join yours.

You can do all of the above …just don’t make an identity out of it …unless it SERVES YOU .

In the online space, women think that’s collaboration and they believe that by so doing you’ll get whatever crumbs the “star” tosses your way.

Whatever clients they don’t want
Whatever customers can’t afford them.

This isn’t a strategy beloved…it’s an insult.
And if you’re using it this is your wake-up call to elevate.
Wake up.
Make it conscious.


The B -lister the network brings in because they can’t afford an A-lister.
The second choice.

You are the main character
Finding your expression as an Icon
Learning to embody your Immortality
As you build your Legend
Living your Myth
Writing your living Sacred Text upon the pages of history
Via your life.

I see you.
Let me be your Mirror in which you see Yourself.

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