Jan 16, 2023

Dyadic Consciousness shifts EVERYTHING

I’ll let other women have independence if they want it.

I’ll take the freedom to spend hours a day in my depth and darkness because He loves the Mystery I get there.

I’ll take being appreciated for my softness and kindness, my wisdom and adaptability, my capacity for reckless abandon when it comes to pleasure and willingness to slice the throat of anyone who DARES even furrow His brow.

The Empress in satin with a platinum spine.

The battle of the Sexes is over.
Those still fighting it are ghosts who’ve forgotten they are dead.

The rest of us are the test of us
Our capacity to live the truth of Dyadic Union and create a world that reflects it.

Our part looks different for each of us
From city to field
From mountain to valley
From beach to dessert
East and West
Body and Spirit
Dark and Light

Every realm is penetrated and calibrated to this Truth.

The Fruit of the Tree of Life depends on your Pairing.
Dyadic Consciousness shifts EVERYTHING.

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