Aug 5, 2022

Influence & Impact

I had a conversation recently where I told someone that I don’t believe in concerning myself with things outside of my sphere of Influence and Impact.

I was asked “We have to be concerned about what’s happening with others. If everyone does that how will anything change?”

I responded “When I focus on me- I focus on the range and strength of my power and begin to expand and amplify that via increasing the scope of my Network and the amount my Networth. By doing this I can then position myself to change whatever I desire to. I can purchase homes for the homeless, I can pay for the Healthcare for those without it. I BECOME the person in Power making the decisions instead of merely complaining about how “they” do it.”

They sat in stunned silence.
Because I am firm in my fidelity to my SELF I know the range and strength of my power.

And it all BEGINS with personal responsibility.

Absolute Personal responsibility is THE key to the creation of a Sovereign life.

Read that again.

The more responsibility I assume the more powerful I am in every situation.

It is truly incredible.

Yet it is often missed.

It’s not your fault beloved – western women are taught to see themselves, other women and the collective of Womanhood both past and present through a lens of being a Victim.

On a Video I made recently someone left the comment “You’re so powerful yet you don’t consider yourself a feminist, I wonder what you think feminism is?”

I was so thankful for that comment because a Portal of Clarity opened to explain why I’m not a Feminist and why I believe Feminism to be a wolf in sheeps’ clothing that women will abandon as they begin to Awaken to their Own Power.

I can’t wait to share it with you…

This is already quite long so I’ll share Part 2 next…

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