Aug 3, 2022



4.62 BILLION People.

That’s how many people use Social Media

You may not know it but… Social Media is Magic.
When you learn the Magic of using it.

For years my friends, family and students have commented on how I use Social Media

Why I never need a social Media Break.
How I attract people who love us and our work.
Why our student retention rate is over 90% OVER YEARS
How do I find such amazing opportunities, knowledge and connections on Social Media? Why is it an energy AMPLIFIER instead of DEPLETER for me?

Social media has been around now since the 90’s, I originally joined FB in 2008 (right before it really blew up) I deleted my old account and added this one on the same day in 2010 – and in all this time I’ve learned quite a bit.

About The Nature of Social Media
About it’s Essence
About what it can do.

AND most importantly how to make it into the most LOYAL of servants.
Within the last 5 years I also figured out how to turn it into a Quantum ENGINE for RADICAL Shifting, exponential growth and Manifesting.

Needless to say I’m excited about and delighted by social.

Yet on a day to day basis… I observe and hear from people who are frustrated

All due to their Social Media experiences.
They aren’t reaching the people they want to reach
They aren’t connecting with the type of people they desire to connect with
They aren’t seeing the things they want to see.

OR if they are getting “results” the cost it TOO HIGH.
They feel overwhelmed to angry to apathetic.

Social media then becomes a post apocalyptic wasteland instead of a place of pleasure and enjoyment.
Add to this being a Business owner and many people get performance anxiety when putting out EVERY post.
Will it land?
Will they engage?
Will they cancel me?
Why am I seeing this?
Why is he/she successful at this and I’m not?
Is that a customer?

Eventually many of these people leave believing they are too sensitive, too caring or that social media is just too feral for them.

It’s not true though.

OH yes, make no mistake Social Media is a BEAST, but it is a Magical One.
And one that is easily Trained.

In less than 2 weeks we journey into Social Sorcery.

Join me as we go into how to use Social Media Magically:
– Understanding the Breeds of the Beast- Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok (honorable mentions- clubhouse, youtube, linkedin), how to feed them, how their magic works.
– Personally- Receiving what you desire in your feed, creating a container for your magic, enjoying the connections, turning Social Media into your own personal Hogwarts
– Professionally- How to connect with your audience, nurturing your network, the right mindset, how to use it if you’re an introvert, extrovert, and for each Human Design Profile and Enneagram Type
And much more.

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