Aug 5, 2022


In my last post I mentioned that A portal of Clarity opened for me recently that allows me to See Clearly why abandoning a Feminist identity is the next Awakening for Women and also to communicate the CORE of why I don’t identify as A feminist.

It’s very interesting the degree of hostility that a WOMAN, a POWERFUL woman, a woman of INFLUENCE and MEANS elicits when she has the audacity to say

“I’m not a Feminist”

That said I’m going into this briar patch, so clutch your pearls beloved this will be dangerous.

A Feminist is a person who supports feminism.

What is feminism?

“a range of socio-political movements and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes. Feminism incorporates the position that society prioritizes the male point of view and that women are treated unjustly”

I’m not a Feminist because there is no Truth in the position that society prioritizes men over women. This very idea is deeply harmful to women as it creates a spell of deep seated distrust, fight, and need to prove that wrecks havoc on women body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

?ANYONE or ANYTHING that invites you to self identify as an oppressed undervalued being on this planet is doing harm to you.?

The Harm of Feminism is in direct opposition to Universal Law and Intelligent Infinity because it places women in an adversarial position to the expression of POWER of men instead of the Truth that we are locked in the passionate embrace of equal but DIFFERENT power.

Walking together needing each other.

It places women in the competitive position of seeking to equalize a distinction with a difference instead of celebrating it.

Feminism INNATELY creates and promotes the idea that there is a competition for power between men and women. It undermines the distinction and diversity that is a part of Male and Female, painting the very existence of difference as denying and victimizing women, while simultaneously denying the Truth of the existence of the differences.

Within this Paradigm any difference between men and women is either an expression of female disempowerment (if it is something historically associated with women that is not currently seen as powerful, or if it is something innate to males/men) or an expression of female superiority (if women enjoy it and it excludes men) .

I do not hold these things as Truth.

Convincing women to believe this and see life this way has been present for now 3 generations. This means that women 70 or younger often have no consciousness around this. They received it with mothers milk in the first few years. Precious programing years where children are in a state that inserts all experience and environment right into the fertile subconscious soil.

It is foundational now hosted in women’s bodies, expressing through their emotions, woven in the neural pathways that determine how they think, how they look at life… how they love.

Yet…just contemplate for a moment…
What if those distinctions exist to SERVE women?

What if the Differences are True Divine Pattern and the societal distinctions in expressing the pattern are the Diversity and individuation of Matter?

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