Aug 8, 2022


It is time for us as women to love womanhood enough and the collective legacy of what it is to BE a woman so much that we stop feeding to our young women and girls the idea of womanhood as a liability.

The idea that they need to compete against men.

The idea that men are unsafe.

The idea that girlhood, femaleness, womanhood is something that society hates and devalues and they must push against in order to succeed and find fulfillment.

The idea that anything they do that is DIFFERENT from the way the boys and men do it is either an expression of LOSS of value OR superiority.
(Two sides of the Same egregore)

In truth it’s not society that hates the distinction of women.

It’s women.

It’s women who have internalized the corrupt Coin that flips from one side to the other.
The coin that says:

“All that is distinct from men is in some way inferior, bad, disempowered that’s why “they” want US women to have those jobs and positions”

“All that is different from men makes us superior, good, BETTER and that’s why our way should be THE way for society at large.”

Which makes any distinction between men and women A Victim/Villain loop.

Here’s an example.

In business spaces what is often promoted is “Wealth in the hands women”
I hear this all the time from coaches, teachers, speakers, television personalities.

“It’s time for women to have their own money!”

The idea being that women don’t have economic power.

It’s trendy

Only… it’s not true.

Women spend 85 cents of every consumer dollar spent.

Women control 51% of the wealth in the USA and will likely control 66% or more in the next few years.

More than Men.

There is nothing wrong with women enjoying Wealth.

Yet my Husband and I are a Wealthy WE
Because marriage is not an ACT it’s a STATE.

That last sentence is the missing piece- women in spaces where “wealth for women” is the focus can get the wrong idea. They can begin to think in terms of me me me.
And we now know that a good indicator of divorce is how often people in a marriage speak of ME instead of WE.

This is just one example of how the root of Feminism that society prioritizes the male point of view and that women are treated unjustly robs women of a CORE aspect of our Being- our Sensuality.

The ability to truly use our senses potently and pristinely.

It’s obvious everywhere (symptoms being nervous system dysregulation, depression, anxiety and more)

Looking at the ideas of men and women and how we walk together (a Nucleus Code for the Divine Human Experience)

We no longer SEE the power of our Union and what’s glorious about our DIFFERENCES. We’re blind to it and only see it as diminishing

We no longer HEAR the Masculine Voice as needful and beneficial. We call it mansplaining.

We no longer TASTE the distinction between that which is beneficial to consume into it being and that which is harmful. Our insight bring numbed out by the Sugar of faux empowerment.

We no longer FEEL the full range of types and distinctions from outside of us as pleasurable. Instead were taught to only focus on how we feel inside, yet our SKIN is a sense organ made to notice and TAKE IN information about what is OUTSIDE.

We no longer SMELL- Truth, Love… our sense of smell is where sense meets the matter. It is a Memorist. Our true MEMORY the Memory of the nature of the Divine Masculine and Feminine dancing being the ONE Infinite Intelligence in whose image we Are also here to embody is lost to us.

We are here for the RETURN AND THE EVOLUTION.
This is our Legacy

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