Dec 12, 2022

Era of Victim Nation and Cancel Culture

I was listening to Dr Peterson a few months ago and he said when speaking about Joe Rogan -he was a friend to me at a time when it cost a lot to be so.

This was when he (Dr Peterson) was receiving a LOT of negative press. People were accusing him of doing harm being homophobic and a host of other things.

It takes something to stand with and for someone when the heat is on.

It’s easy when everyone sings your praise.
It’s much more challenging – and you learn who your true friends are when you’re being maligned.

Recently a Coach who I am honored to walk with came under fire. Initially I saw it as a tempest in a teapot… And one that did not require a response.

These things happen.

However as it continued to gain traction and as I’ve observed her response I feel to speak.

The projection field is REAL
Especially in this Era of Victim Nation and Cancel culture.

If you have a message to carry, a word to speak, TRUTH to offer especially if it disrupts a current collective belief you will know when you are gaining momentum because you will be attacked.

This is not said to create fear- it is said so that you don’t start thinking you did something WRONG – or that your energy is off or misaligned- it’s simply the nature of how this works.

(My observation is that how this occurs, and the spaces where this shows up depends on the Circuitry in your Human Design chart. Which is fascinating)

The Calibration and Orientation is determined completely by your RESPONSE.

When you are attacked sharks sense the blood in the water the more you try to explain the more they cut you. Death by a thousand cuts.

Until you find yourself…
Adjusting your business
Your speech
Your YOU
Based on people who simply aren’t your audience.
Not your people
Not your customers.

It takes a certain Spine to stand when it seems like a specific group keeps echoing the same line.
But being loud doesn’t make it true.
There are far more people who DON’T feel that way.
And when you change to appease the nay sayers you lose those ready to rise
Because you choose to fly at a lower elevation.

Here’s what I know.

Projection can not be communicated with.
Read that again.
Every voice isn’t worth listening to

The greatest lie currently, is convincing those who stand for freedom and empowerment, those who have clean and clear boundaries and who decide to stand by them – that what they are doing is harmful.

If they can convince you of doing harm you will choose to silence yourself.
Or at least dim your light.

Yet in order for it to work you have to choose to believe a LIE.
You have to see the other person as inferior, as someone who can be victimized. It’s like HaSatan asking Jesus (who represents abundant LIFE) to unalive HIMSELF to prove a point.

My Beloved Husband Baba Richard– Who comes in the Spirit of Solomon taught me – DO NOT respond to them. This can be the most challenging thing when you value communication, clarity, conflict resolution. What he showed me was that the responding simply creates more doorways and windows. More access points to your field. The more you speak with them the more access you offer.

The Truth is those who attack, who lie, who seek to cancel don’t WANT resolution
The want Revenge
They want to feel better by seeing you topple.
They want power OVER not power WITH.

How often are we asked to fall on our sword
To be smaller
To take responsibility for another persons actions
To stop
To be quiet
To feel bad about our success, our Brilliance.
To have permeable boundaries.
How often are told to BE LESS because if we really cared we’d refuse to have more unless everyone has more.
How often do people weaponize their pain , because they feel that it is the only thing they have.

Understand and realize this… say it in your own mind in regard to your own situations –

“If you think I’m bad nothing I say can change your mind
If you think I’m good nothing others say about me will change your mind
If you KNOW ME and trust YOU we don’t even need to have this conversation.”

What I see as next level Leadership means you Lead yourself to what I have to offer or you lead yourself AWAY from me…
Either way is all good
And requires no apology.

Baba Richard and Sri Namaste – The Infinite Couple

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