Oct 20, 2022

Brand vs. Expertise

Please learn the difference between a snazzy polished brand and expertise beloved.

Many people in business are taught branding before Mastery.

Many invest thousands in branding and nothing in education and personal development.

It would be awful for you to exchange what you’re doing from Mastery for the suggestion of a novice because she has fabulous branding.

When she says she’s made a million and it’s only her first year coaching receive the FULL communication. Yes, what she’s telling you is that she a millionaire AND also that she is a novice.

I can recall once listening to someone who gave me counsel to do what they were doing only to see less than a year later they began to do what I was doing in the first place.

Be more choosy about the counsel you take.
There are things you know that she hasn’t learned yet.

She may in fact know how to make a lot of money very quickly but not know how to build a sustainable business.

Are you listening because she has wisdom or because she says she’s rich?

I’m saving you so much time right now if you have an ear to hear…

Raise your standard beloved.

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