May 31, 2023

The Eldress Woman

Sometime in my late 20s I began to look to my next phase- I decided to CHOOSE how I wanted to age.

My first choice was that I wanted to be soft.
Not dry like a grape in the sun too long nor hardened like petrified wood.

I decided I’d allow life to continue to flow through me. I’d stay soft.

As I aged I added more things…
Each well thought out Based on the idea of this
“What kind of Older Woman will I Be”

Some of the things were aspects of my youth I decided would RIPEN not die- like Sensuality and Sexuality
My Voracious appetite for Learning
My ready and easy laughter that I’m told is recognizable even before you see me.

Then I also became a Collector of Crowned Women.
Women of a Certain Age who refuse to fade to the corners of the room- but who stand in the center in a space WHOLLY and HOLY theirs.

Grabbing the Mic and Holding it.

Elders have always been in my Life. I’ve often placed myself in positions of service, attendance and rapt attention in their presence.

Yet this was more than that. This was observation to see the glimmer of a portal of a future me in Her.

I see many perspectives of these two glorious women making the rounds in the last few days Always compare and contrast, often an agenda.

Elevating one and Devaluing the other.
The faux Duality rearing its head once again.

In truth, They are two Faces representing the Yin and the Yang of the Feminine Aging journey.

Apo Whang-Od represents the Yin- The Inner and Rested Feminine, Wisdom and acceptance in many ways, the roots of Tradition, the Sage, the Mystic.

Martha Stewart represents the Yang- The Outer and Active Feminine, Strategy and Intention in many ways, the Fruit of remaining Relevant, Vital, Sensual.

Both aspects of the Aging journey are Valid and both serve as Beacons of our Lessons as women who Walk Through Time. *

The truth of our collective need to acknowledge Aging as a Precious and Perfect thing. To enter into it intentionally and to choose if we will decide to De- Center ourselves Becoming the whisper of memory or to remain Amongst the Younger Generation- an inspiration – to show that Aging is still LIVING.

Supra. Omnia. Amate.
-Sri Namaste

*If you’re in Feminae VIP expect a mini Working on Telegram on how to engage with these two very distinct energies and what to learn from them. And because Change is the only constant it will Dissolve back into the Ether on 6/15.

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