Jul 7, 2023

Cold Blooded Shark

I love Shark Tank
It is one of the shows we encourage our clients to watch to begin to understand many things about business.

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The thing about Shark Tank is all the Sharks don’t ALWAYS get it right.

Sometimes they invest and it flops
More often they don’t invest and it soars

It all comes down to the depth of understanding they have for the target market.

When they REALLY “get it” it’s a win.
When they don’t really get it it’s a loss.

When you’re in business the clearer you are on who your market is, what you’re product or service does and where you are right now- the easier it is find your correct Who.

Your VA
Your Marketer
Your Coach
Your PR person
Your Branding person
Your Copy writer
Your AI creator
Your OBM
Your Ads Agency
Your HR Consultant
Your Systems Strategist

There are plenty of companies and brands willing to sell you whatever they sell on the hopes that it will support your business going to the next level…
Here’s the thing…
You need to know not only WHO but WHEN.

Not some arbitrary when, a When based on YOUR Where.

You need COMPASS

Our one to one offer for Businesses desiring to go the distance.
Spend time with us and know exactly how to Orient your business for success, profitability and Legacy based on your Unique “You Are Here” dot.

BEFORE You spend tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours buying every program, product and service that claims to help, spend 2 hours with us and find out what you REALLY need.

And (where relevant) we will offer recommendations from our own Black Book of resources to work with who are capable of getting the job done.

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