Jul 6, 2023

Elevate Your Partnership

There are 4 Archetypes of Dyadic Consciousness.

There are 8 Prototypes of Partnership.

Moving from the Partnership Prototypes to the Dyadic Archetypes is not a simple “I prefer to be this”.

It is an initiatory PROCESS.
And most won’t do it.

Most couples are content with Good.

Leaders require Greatness
In all Areas
That includes Marriage.

Getting the Marriage to “good” so as to get the purpose and business to “great” no longer suffices.

This is why many Divorces happen.
Because Marriage can not longer operate on an outdated system.
It must be upgraded.

Unhooked from the Survival based paradigm and planted deeply in the Fields of Elysium

The Dyad™

We are the Founders, Master Code Holders and only place to find this Work.

As Original as You are.

Are You ready?

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