Apr 27, 2023

Christ Consciousness and more milk and bread

A well-known teacher was recently speaking about her conversion to Christ and renouncing all former beliefs, teachings, and the new age.

Someone asked me what I thought of that and how I felt about Christ.

I read what she wrote and felt/sensed a peace in her that I had not before.
I’m always happy for people to find their means of communion with The All/The One/Intelligent Infinity/God that frees them from torment, gives them clarity, provides them comfort.

It’s an interesting topic and one I don’t speak on often.
My relationship with Christ.

Because it is by definition heretical in many ways.
Christ and I have a good relationship. We speak often.
I speak for the Divine Feminine who is known by many names and forms but is quite simply the All as Feminine.
I serve the Divine Masculine.
Christ is my Brother.

I’ve studied the Bible since childhood.
We currently have 7 bibles including the Ethiopian Text and also the lost books – there is so much wisdom there.
And while I identified as a Christian (which was a pejorative in its original usage and intent) for 20 years – I left the Church Establishment long ago after coming into the knowledge of all of the ways the Bible and the Church differ.

All of the doctrinal shrines that arose and then held many people in bondage in one way or another. The ways of exchanging truth for community, for safety, for comfort.

Don’t get me wrong I understand the need and desire for a Community of Faith (#infiniteassembly #It’sComingBack) and all that it provides.

And yet I believe there is something else at play here with so many leaving the “new age”.
A tree without roots will eventually topple.
And the new age is that.

I have found that – in my experience- many in the New Age are perpetual seekers. Running from one thing to the next. There is a stillness, a certainty, and peace that is lacking. When they come into our work they don’t really know what to do.

We and our Work is not based on the New Age – nor even on being a “lightworker” although I did play with the use of that term for a season.

If you’ve seen or been in our work this is the distinction that you feel. I studied the new age in my early teens and had a visceral experiential revelation of being untethered – as if my mind was becoming confused and something else was attempting to get in. I could sense this darkness behind the “light”, a pressure in my mind and I turned away and never looked back.
My gifts tend to come online after such experiences and since then I’ve had this ability to “sense” that energetic in a teaching.

I have also had experiences of deep darkness and high manipulation in the Church. The highjacking of emotions and a pretty profound coalescing of Fear.

It places us in a very fascinating position.
We can seem new age to the uninitiated – but aren’t
We also feel like Christ – but aren’t religious.

We represent the Paradox of Truth.
And in our own lives, we so pursue.

The interesting thing is this…
All teachings that seem “new age” are not
All teachings that seem “Christian” are not.

And many Followers of The Way and People of the Book (my preferred terms) are -in their zeal – still very very blind.
The Key is Discernment.
Salt and Sugar look the same but they are not.
This is what I believe is meant by “one will be taken and the other will be left”
Because it isn’t the “Church” that holds the keys.

It’s understanding Christ Consciousness itself.
And that’s an inner game.
A journey.
And far more infinite than anyone really understands.

There is a lot I could say about Christ and what He has shown me of Himself
And this whole game we’re playing as humans.
I tend to live it – not talk about it.

In any case, I’m happy for this teacher – especially because she is in alignment with and surrender to her Beloved. And I believe her path is still unfolding as are all of ours.

May all who strive and pursue Truth – find it.

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