Apr 27, 2023

Before Transformation – Transition

In the last few weeks, we’ve Channeled some of the most business-changing processes ever.

What I wish we had years ago
and I’m so THANKFUL we have it now.

Finally the Yin and the Yang in Union

Source told us to show how to Weave the Spirit the Woo the Metaphysics and the Strategy

The Great Yes/And.

After -as we began to use it… To recalibrate our business…some blind spots soundly shifted into high relief.

And we asked a question and received an answer…
or two.


Creating an earthquake throughout my human.
Crowning in the birth canal

I cried…I wailed…
I grasped.

Then…I released.

And when I turned to gaze at the Field of ICE (our business) it didn’t even blink.
It exhaled.

I saw how my tender heart had actually prevented things that needed to happen.
And when I let go
It fell
In place.


Lessons :
•Trust the process of your own becoming
•When you make a request everything that is not aligned must depart.
•When you ask for something expect to receive it, only not in the form you think.
•When we are squeezed we find out what’s truly in us.
•Stress is not a punishment, rather everything that arises is a revelation And deep mirror of the self
• Money is more than anything – a revealer.
•Everything is cyclical…building and destruction…ebb and flow in constant motion. Learn to love it.
•Water is soft and powerful…and in stillness it becomes ICE.

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