Mar 21, 2023

Embrace the Dance

On this bustling day,

As we emerge from our “dazzling dark week” – that sacred pause when we attune to the next cosmic phase of our soul’s work – we’re welcomed by a dance of vibrant energies.

Today, we begin the divine journey of Assume The Position, delve deeper into Alchemic Kink, and offer wisdom through The Society’s mentorship.

And amid this, a symphony of queries awaits our loving response on Voxer.

All this unfolds while we waltz with the enigmatic Gene Key 25 – a symphony of constriction, acceptance, and love.

Intriguing, isn’t it?

Constriction is the shadow of the Gate and the Key – yet shadow is but light shrouded in obscurity.

It’s the light we’ve not permitted to shine, hindered by the density of the matter it longs to illuminate.

In our personal evolution, shadows are the hidden fragments of ourselves we’re reluctant to acknowledge.

The aspects we conceal, Or keep hidden from our own gaze.

Constriction, often misunderstood, is the very force that generates movement within us.

Ponder the nuance between contraction and constriction – one creates movement the other controls flow. The former may be induced or autonomic, yet the latter is always autonomic.

Curious, indeed.

It is we who create barriers to regulate, control or impede our own motion.

As I reflect on the myriad ways this manifests with grace and potency, I am struck by the profound insights.

By setting aside time, we curtail the motion of all that falls outside our designated intention, crafting a true Contain-Er.

When abundance or clients seem scarce, ask yourself, “Why have I constricted around this?” – Control, in some form, always plays a part. Perhaps you’re safeguarding your comfort, time, or freedom.

When love feels distant or stagnant, inquire within, “Why have I constricted around this?” It might be that you’re wary of your own passion’s depths or evading the transformation True Love ignites.

Oh, beloved, there’s an ocean of wisdom to explore.

Only when we bravely peer into the spaces we’d rather avoid do we bestow acceptance upon our own self-governing mechanisms – and in doing so, we experience, embody, and radiate the boundless essence of Universal Love.

Supra. Omnia. Amate.

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