Apr 27, 2023

Business Genome Sequencing Process™

I was up early this morning laying the structure for the Business Genome Sequencing Process™ out for our Students.

Already what’s rendering in me is all of the possibilities…
Offering to do the sequence FOR our clients, or with them… instead of just DIY

Because of the clarity of our gaze.

Often the most talented, amazing, gifted business owners can not see how brilliant they are. And if they DO see it, they can’t see what aspects of that brilliance they are leaving off the table – making them not matter

And hence they can not make matter in the form of money for themselves or meaning for others.

It’s fascinating how many ways we require each other- in order to fully express our depth and truth. The Divine playing the game of Manyness

As I completed the Process – I received such a huge flare of energy I started shaking. I could feel how monumental this is.

How earth-shattering.

Another layer of the Dyad Codes revealed itself.

“When a man and a woman return to each other, order is restored….. EVERYWHERE”

All is ONE
Not in a blob of homogeneity and non-differentiation.

No all is one in an Infinitely complex Fractal of Consciousness ecstatically unfolding and recalibrating endlessly.

And now this…

This.. is the order for commerce and enterprise.
Ownership and Entrepreneurship.
The intelligence woven in this Template is … INFINITE.
The Spirit and the Strategy
The Chaos and the Cosmos
The Ineffable and the Tangible
It works for all types, men and women, all energetics… it’s fascinating in that way.

I am so humbled at this… my head is to the ground.
I can’t wait to share it and to teach on the fullness of it.

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