Jul 24, 2023

3 Levels of Resistance

Your current internal state is the creator of your current external experience.

So easy to acknowledge
So difficult to know

Everything alive wants to stay alive and there are 3 ways your current Story Sentinels keep you locked away nice and safe in your current box.

One of the biggest ways is by convincing you to devalue and dismiss the messenger and message that threatens them. This is where you find flaws in everything so that you don’t have to listen:

Look at how they’re dressed
They come from a different background than me
They aren’t part of my religion
They are older /younger than I am
That is illogical
Science says that…
Look at the typos
I wonder where she got her dress
I think I heard this before
I can get this from a book
I already know all of this
This sounds (insert current sociopolitical buzzword)
Etc ;

You can not hear due to the fortress against change

The second way is to convince you that you accept the message and messenger when really you have only distorted both.

In this way, everything is filtered through the current construct and so you don’t LEARN, you are merely remembering that which is aligned with your current state of operation.

It’s like decorating your prison cell.

The third way is to create dopamine around hearing and proximity to both the messenger and the message while forgetting that the test of a changed mind lies in the changed actions that result.

In this way, you gorge yourself on everything and can parrot the complete philosophy however you are not DOING. You live in the self-satisfaction of knowing and do not bear fruit.

In this space you take pleasure in telling other prisoners about the amazing thing you’ve discovered…you know where the keys are!!

But you never leave.

Now that you can hear see and know the resistance
Are you ready to be free?

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