Jul 24, 2023

This is the End

In the last year or so I wanted to support women with business teachings and coaching.

It’s been wonderful.

And it’s coming to an end.

This is the last month that you can sign up for a session to work with me one on one ONLY on business.

I’m retiring my one on one business only offers in favor of a Diamond of the First Water TRUTH.

Here you go…

Your business success doesn’t mean a thing without love.

The seven figures really is empty without it.
Your audience doesn’t satisfy
Your next new offer is just a hit of dopamine not deep Fulfillment.
Your sister circles, Masterminds etc; leave you thirsty.

Because you’re CRAVING the Beloved.
And you can’t tell anyone about it.
You don’t know how to navigate it potently playfully and also with Intention.

And you’re tired.
Tired of failing
Of broken hearts
Of comparison

Of feeling like you’re in the biggest farmers market in the Universe trying to pick out the one perfect cantaloupe.

Serial Monogamy isn’t working
High-Level teachings feel like a drop of truth in an ocean of 💩🚽
The “Just base it on how you feel and what you want” Isn’t working
Because you keep changing

Is forever outdated?
It’s not.

I’m here to help you get there.
Being the One
Finding the One
And supporting your Happily Ever After.

Let’s get it.

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