Sep 1, 2022


The most challenging thing for people to grow is most of what we offer sounds prescriptive yet it’s not.​
It’s descriptive.​

We’re simply describing what is.​
Interestingly any modality, body of work, system that is TRUTH is similar.​

Humans in their lack of understanding and seeking to survive prescribe​
Other humans in their reaction and rebellion deny​
And so the pendulum swings.​

But when you step into DESCRIBING it changes​

Prescribing creates laws and rules.​
Describing simply offers representation and explanation of what is.​

This is what Christ was attempting to impart​
This is why ancients texts are rarely understood​
This is why Mystical ideas and systems can’t be proven​

The Cosmic Laws? Aren’t really laws a’tall​

They are Cosmic ISness.​

This is why we can speak the language of religion to those who need it but we are not religious.​
Because religion seeks to codify into laws and rules the ISness​
And we are here simply to reveal it and to play with you in the Grand Experiment of Living it.​

This is something to contemplate and meditate on… how am I making Truth into Law instead of allowing it to be LIFE?​

And- the Mystic Mind is now available- for only $27 a month- for now.​

Join the Journey.​
Or reach out to InfiniteLife Team

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