Aug 31, 2022


Still with me?

I knew after my last post I’d lose some people.
Because you’ve been fed a lie so often with such seeming veracity that it SEEMS like truth.

I Received something recently that I’ve wept over. Something I wanted to say differently.
To craft into something a bit more palatable
Add some honey so it slides down with ease.

But I can’t.
Here it is-


Breathe with me now…

I’ve been tracing the lines through the sands of time and I’ve noticed something…


First it was psychology- which placed everything wrong at the feet of the mother- this creating a HUGE earthquake in the Field of Womanhood- mothers judged by their children. Mothers are the Problem

Then it was the battle of Sexes- pitting women against men. Our greatest champions protectors and providers. We stand alone. Men are the Problem

Then the state- women alone now placed in a position of needing the government and willing to support any entity that will protect and provide for them…lead and guide them. Wealth and Powerful people are the Problem

Then it was Family dysfunction- Pitting children against Parents. Dishonoring and diminishing elders. Parental Authority is the problem.

Here’s the thing-
Patriarchy is the Solve.

No not some modern idea of Patriarchy with wicked men holding powerless women and unhappy children in chains.

Not some old idea of Patriarchy with Stoic Men and trembling flower women and proper children.

I’m speaking of the idea HOSTED in the word itself.

The idea of Sovereign Families.


This Universe is created by Resonance and Vibration. Words hold packets of information.

How much you are able to unpack and run the codes in the word is determined by your own level of Clarity and Connection to higher self.

If you reside at the level of Consensus- you can only receive that which supports the Narrative all around you. Which you then live as you.

If you are in Shadow- you need to feel a part of the tribe, you need Permission, you need a Villain or your own egoic need to be smart, reasonable, etc; will adversely impact what you can receive

What you do with the word- will determine the world that is created.


There has always been a way of true Sovereignty and it has always been through FAMILY (said in my best Dom impression)

* Ruling Families are historically found in every culture
*The rise of Families to positions of prominence
*The Divine described in familial terms over and over and over.
* The innate order, respect and appreciation that occurs when a family is correctly grown.

There is no family without the Father- yet Men are treated as obsolete and optional.
There is no family if women refuse to be mothers and wives- yet everything seems to connect women and power to aloneness.
There is no Legacy if Children reject their families- yet young people are taught to only care about NOW, to replace family with friends and that being sovereign means rejecting your parents wisdom and connection.

Your assignment should you choose to accept:

Look all around you and notice the under mining of the family structure.
What does it look like?
Who is replacing it?
What do they promise?
Is the promise fulfilled?

BTW- with this image I’m calling your attention to the fact that Patria means family…not simply father. Although- historically FATHERS were the defining characteristic of Family because Men carry the Pattern.

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