Sep 14, 2022

Is Your Culture A Prison?

“We are caged by our cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination, and when you step outside the hallucination, you see it for what it’s worth.”
― Terence McKenna

📸Art • “E13” by Tomasz Alen Kopera

I saw the above today from Wanderings it is so poignant. All the more in this time when the pendulum has swung to Divisions based on culture as opposed to the celebration and unifications THROUGH it.

Our differences are meant to give us the pieces…
Of our Wholeness and our being.

We reclaim ourselves as powerful the more we seek to understand and expand.

Yet for many Culture has become armor and shield, prison and limitation.

The etymology of culture is “collective customs and achievements of a people, a particular form of collective intellectual development”

Sounds like a source of pride yes?
Only it can also become a source of programming and a part of identity that you fight to protect instead of something beautiful that you chose to preserve.

Protection is what you do to keep others away and out. Preservation is really about seeing what is precious while also allowing LIFE to create adaptation and evolution.

They are different.

I know some will read this and become immediately triggered.

As a Global Anthropological Cultural Devotee, Connoisseur, and Enthusiast I find the complexities in the distinctions fascinating while bearing witness to the connective Strand through it all.

I stand in awe of all that humans have been and all that they are…

May all reach over and unlatch the cages… to fly, together.

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