Jun 21, 2022

Power and Surrender

Since we began to release the Dyad Codes on the planet there have been SO many questions SPECIFICALLY about the various forms that this dynamic takes.

You see The Dyad and Dyadic Consciousness is not simply Marriage and Monogamy- which means that every couple isn’t necessary Dyadic even if they’re married and monogamous…

The Dyad is not a cookie cutter. It has specific Archetypes, Dark Archetypes, Initiations and MORE… all of which are then expressed through each Couples unique Individuation. We are revealing the full Dyadic Architecture Map Drop by precious Drop based on Divine Timing… the best way to receive FULL ACCESS is in The InfiniteLife Experience.

The Next Glistening ripened offering is Power and Surrender where we will reveal the IX Portals of Dyadic Order.

•What does Leadership look like within the Dyad?
•What does Submission and Surrender look like?
•How are you missing or mistaking the Leadership intrinsic to your Beloved because you don’t understand it?
•How are you judging or collapsing the Support and Submission because it is showing up in a certain way?
•How can you truly SEE his Leadership style while dating? Is He NOT Leading or are you just missing it?
• Is she unwilling to submit or surrender or are you simply misunderstanding the FORM it takes?
• How a Man who looks on the outside like He’s NOT Leading may actually be Leading POTENTLY.
• How a woman who doesn’t SEEM submissive may actually be the most surrendered

And more

This Masterclass will shine the mirror of Truth on YOUR unique expression as an individual and/ or a couple and show you how to polish it so that you’re Union is not only passionate but also POWERFUL and UNSTOPPABLE.

We begin 6/28

Reach out to InfiniteLife Team to register now!

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