Jun 26, 2023

Loving Money and Maturity

Last night in the Mystic Mind we spoke at length on the need to Rightly Divide Truth.

Your ability to Rightly Divide depends on your level of understanding and your level of understanding depends on your level of growth.

For example :

The love of money is the root of all evil -1 Timothy 6:10

Exoteric level:
Money is evil (misquoting)
People with money are evil and suspect (judgement)
Money makes you evil (judgement)
Who has money? They are evil.
The world would be better without money (shadow)

The Love of Money is the root of all evil (quotes correctly)
Don’t love money (flawed conclusion)
Loving money creates evil (false equivalence)
How can I have money without being evil (curiosity)
Money is a tool (factual acknowledgment)

What is it to Love money?
What’s the difference between money being the root of evil and evil being at the root of money?
What is a root?
Hmmm… Let’s use a different example
The love of water is the root of all drowning.
Yes that’s true…people who drown love water
Loving water doesn’t create drowning
The point is not to avoid loving water.
Who wrote this book?
What was the culture and political environment of that time?
How is that informing on this?

Do you see how each level determines what you think and the questions you ask?

In Mystic Mind we help you navigate from one Realm of Growth to the next.

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