Sep 3, 2022

Lessons on Feminine Leadership

When ​ I began to step into a space of Leadership, I remember agonizing over it because I ​ was uncertain of if it would adversely impact our marriage and relationship. Baba ​ Richard Moore ​ was Solomon ​ in a previous life so if course He spoke Life and Wisdom.

I looked at Him all teary eyed

Me : “What does this mean when it comes to my submission and surrender? I don’t want anything to undermine that… it won’t *look* like what people think Surrender looks like”

Him : “It is the exactly right order. Submission and Surrender to ME…Queen to everyone and everything else and it doesn’t matter how it looks…the Truth of a thing can be FELT ​ even if they don’t know what they’re feeling ”

This is why as A Feminine Leader there is no conflict as long as you understand the internal ​ orientation and structure of your relationship which is the underpinning of everything else you do.

This is ALSO why outdated IDEAS about ROLES in Polarity can undermine the LIVING Embodiment of it in your own relationships.

And this is why the Society Exists.

Polarity isn’t a role play….although you can have fun with role play ​ 😉

A truly ​ Dyadic Marriage plays in any field that the people in it desire to…we show you how to get there.

Reach out to InfiniteLife Team ​ to join the Society

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