Sep 15, 2022

I’ve got an offer for MEN!


I have always said I do not coach Men.

I have always believed men need to Coach men.

Even when Men have come to me through the years Seeking Coaching.

Then something landed

I was shown that Men need to hear from women… but not in the way it was currently occurring.

Men need to hear from Women that want them to be Strong, Women that have their Back
Women that have no need for them to be emasculated.
Women who are WOMEN –
Not women who are girls crafting men in their image… or imaginings.

The time of WE requires men to RISE… not take a knee.

I have surrendered to this calling after my Husband has Directed me- YES it is time.

The Divine Feminine in service to the Masculine-

Call me the KingMaker.

One on one work only.

Reach out to InfiniteLife Team for an application

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