Jul 21, 2022

Experience The Possibilities

They call your name and sing your praise yet that is not even why you do it.​
That’s not why you give, why you show up, why you go to higher heights and deeper depths.​
Your COULD stop now if you wanted, you’ve made the money, you’ve received the accolades, you’ve made it, you are SUCCESSFUL. ​
But ​
You don’t.​
That’s not why you do it. The craving for success isn’t what ultimately drives you. ​
You want to see a different world; something bigger, greater, more.​
You want for others to experience the possibilities that you KNOW. You want them to see their desires become REAL. ​
The fertile ground of your heart and mind have been seeded with Divine Ideas of what is POSSIBLE, a vision of what could occur as humans remember their divinity as they become all that they are. ​
In the world you do not see the fullness of your vision…​
Oh yes you see here and there a shimmer, a glimpse, a hint… like an intoxicating scent on a summer breeze​
And just as fleeting​
But in its fullness you don’t see it​
It is not yet born​
Not yet built ​
And so you begin to do what is yours to do​
To find a way​
To create it.

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